ellen goodwin

I don’t just write about working when no one is watching, I speak, consult, and train about it as well. Through customized presentations and programs I bring the information in DONE to life in an entertaining and memorable way.

Since no one likes watching a boring presentation or wants to suffer through a dull workshop, I go to great lengths to ensure my presentations engage, delight, and educate. Packed with stories, examples, and when appropriate, exercises, I ensure that audiences walk away with the information and tools that fully equip them to make the most of their time and their energy, so that they can effectively get more DONE.


DONE: The Book

DONE is a hands-on guidebook that teaches, through stories, examples, and activities how working with (and around) your brain, can make all the difference in what you accomplish every day. It also delves in to the importance of being in action (and not motion); the best way to prevent obstacles from stopping you; how to easily build stronger and better habits; and why it’s more important to manage you energy instead of your time. DONE gives you options and choices when it comes to getting things DONE.

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presentation topics

All presentations are customized to the needs of your audience and your event, and can be adapted and presented as in-person or virtual Keynotes, Breakouts, Workshops, or Group Trainings.

How To Work When No One Is Watching

Calm productivity chaos by leveraging the power of Action, Energy, and Focus. 

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

When you know how to manage your daily energy, managing your time all falls into place.

Keep Your Brain in One Room

Harness the power of focus to change your relationship with time.

How to Make Working From Home Work

The deep (and effective) secrets to successfully navigating the Work From Home life.

What People Are Saying


“Ellen Goodwin presents pure organizational gold in her presentations. I have been using her focus sessions and STING process for months and find my effectiveness and efficiency are now at top levels due to using her approach. She truly helps you get sh*t done!”

– Ira M. Gostin, MBA, APR, executive consultant


“Your TEDx talk was outstanding! You have great energy, plus the delivery of your talk really touched on universal points that we all can understand. Before watching, I had no idea that I would get so much out of your topic, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality content and your command of the stage.”

– Ari Morse, Morse Genealogical Services, LLC


“Thank you for presenting to our team. The tips, tricks and best practices you presented are so helpful to us in managing our time during this time (and beyond!). Your expertise and smooth presentation style are greatly appreciated!”

– Renee Plain, CEO, In Plain Sight Marketing


"Ellen’s clarity and caring show through in everything she says and does. Ellen’s vision and mission help others understand how we all should kick procrastination in a very effective and easy way.”

-Elo Marc. Graphic Designer – Rebranding Expert